An Excellent Article in a Finnish Financial Magazine

The story talks about the area of Son Armadams and Joan Miró in Palma.  Building our first three projects here and giving a major makeover to what is a beautiful area in the City.  The article also talks about the first building we have just demolished that was a Famous disco among the Finnish people called “Bésame Mucho”.The article tells…

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Demolition has Commenced and the Sales have Started!

We have made quite an impact on Joan Miro these past few days.  So much so that spectators passing by had the chance to see the debris from the old Disco “Besamé Mucho”  and give it one last kiss goodbye.  The site will be ready to be turned into a slick modern building with 10 apartments with underground parking, a…

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Nature in the City

Between El Terreno and Santa Catalina, a stones throw away from the Port of Palma find your self in Son Armadams.  A beautiful Green Area of the City Surrounded by a Forest and a Castle on the Hill.

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How to Organise Yourself when Working from Home

Five Simple Steps to Follow: Dedicated Work Space.  You must have your own space that is only used for that purpose.  This way you can avoid distractions and be more focused in your work environment within your Home.  Be sure that it’s Tidy and Neat, that way you won’t have to waste time organising and your mind will be clear and ready to…

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in your hands

It’s in Your Hands

It’s in Your Hands to take care of you, your actions, your movements, protecting yourself and your Family.  We need to do exactly what we need to do to get our selves out of this situation.  We all need to swallow that fact that we would like to be out there living our lives but right now we just simply…

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The Palma Tennis Club

The palma Tennis Club is one of the nicest Sports Clubs the City has to offer and it is a 10 minute walk from Son Armadams.  A Swedish Hotelier took it over and first opened in October 2015 and made it into what it is today.  Offering Tennis on Clay Courts, A heated Swimming pool to enjoy all year long and plenty…

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Why Buy in Son Armadams Palma

If you are looking for a green and lush area in the City of Palma de Mallorca then Son Armadams is the place for you.  It is surrounded by a beautiful park on a hill that leads up to the Bellver Castle, one of the oldest Castles on the Island dating back to the 14th Century.  Son Armadams is a…

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Jaime Salva

Jaime Salvá

The first Bellver Park building, like the second building, is a great challenge for Jaime Salvá, since they are located in an area very close to where he has lived all his life. A street that has crossed daily since childhood.

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