It’s in Your Hands to take care of you, your actions, your movements, protecting yourself and your Family.  We need to do exactly what we need to do to get our selves out of this situation.  We all need to swallow that fact that we would like to be out there living our lives but right now we just simply can not.  If we can all do our part as citizens of our communities there will be a tomorrow.  

We can hopefully soon go back to making our plans, spending precious time with our Family and Friends, Give each other a Hug, Walk down the Street without fear, Run, Cycle, travel…live in General as we did before but with a better conscience for our World and how we treat it, what we eat, where we source our food from, the water we drink, the transportation we choose, trying hard to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our households. 

If we look at the positive side to this World Health Crises we are in right now we can see that there is a need to look at the issues of our Planet and come together more than ever before so that our Children and their Children and so on and so fourth have a beautiful World to live in.  It gives us time to reflect on the important things in life and to make the most out of every second of every day.  

It has given our Team a time to reflect on Our Values as a Company.  

Honour, Honesty, Respect and Integrity.  

We need to Honour our Planet and the People on it.  Giving thanks and gratitude to the people working to Save lives and keep us safe from harm and illness, our police and medical workers.

We need to be Honest with ourselves and our loved ones and make a serious effort to help control climate change and how to fix the mistakes that we have been making for too long now.

We need to Respect our Peers and Neighbours around the Globe and work together to make a better World for us and ours to enjoy for centuries to come.

We need to do it all with Integrity and Heart.  We need to make conscious and studied decisions about how we, as one race can pull it all together and take care of this Planet which we call Home.





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