Five Simple Steps to Follow:

  1. Dedicated Work Space.  You must have your own space that is only used for that purpose.  This way you can avoid distractions and be more focused in your work environment within your Home.  Be sure that it’s Tidy and Neat, that way you won’t have to waste time organising and your mind will be clear and ready to get things done.  A tidy desk is a tidy mind.
  2. Performing Tasks Every Day.  It’s a good idea to set a list of daily tasks that you would like to achieve everyday form home.  Otherwise, you can find yourself doing other home duties and leaving your work tasks for another time or day, therefore not achieving what you set out to do professionally from home that day.
  3. The Right Lighting and Temperature.  It’s important to be comfortable and to be able to control the light and temperature at an arms reach in your workspace.  A space with a lot of indirect Sunlight is proven to be an energetic and productive light to work in!  Be sure to install blinds or curtains if there is too much light or keep the space simple and clean for a lighter feel.  You should be at a nice temperature, being too hot can make you sleepy and less productive.
  4. Music while you Work.  There are plenty of studies out there that say that Music helps motivate and drive creativity while you work.  Personally, I think this is a very personal choice and I also think it depends on the “type” of work you are doing and how well you concentrate with or without music while working.  Waking up with music and getting your day going with music is a great way to start your day, perhaps with light and upbeat music that is not to fast or heavy to get you going and then moving onto something more energising could help you get into the mood to work from home.
  5. Top Tips for Parents Working From Home.   Always wake up two hours before your Children so you have your own quiet time to be prepared for the day.  Be sure to plan your tasks the night before so that you know what priorities need to get done for the next day.   Work in blocks of time in a sensible manner because we all know that things can change when working from home while there are little ones in the House. 🙂 

A Little More Information and an Interesting Read……..

Over the past two decades working from home has become increasingly more popular both for Companies and their employees alike.  More and more people are seeking flexible employment and a lot of companies have been opening up the opportunities to do so and if they haven’t before they defiantly will be now.  

This is a very interesting article on working habits that The Guardian put out over the weekend.  Enjoy and Happy Working!

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