Jaime Salvá was born in Palma de Mallorca, his Family has been in the world of construction for many generations.  Since childhood he accompanied his father, an interior designer to the construction sites of the houses in which he participated.  Surely for this reason he decided to study architecture, and he did so in Barcelona Spain, ​​where he also had the opportunity to work in renowned offices while studying.

Once he finished his degree, he worked for 1 year in an Architect Studio in  San Francisco, USA until 2006  when he decided to return to Palma and set up his own office.  Since then, he has developed numerous projects, mainly for residential use, both Single-Family homes and Apartment Buildings.

His architecture maintains a balance between the traditional and the avant-garde using local materials such as wood or stone, but with the configuration that respond to the current ways of life, and an active interest in adapting new technologies to his designs.  The style stems from the functional requirements of each project, which gradually gives shape to the the building. Majority of the intellectual effort is about achieving the simplicity, which is the main objective.

Architecture for Jaime Salvá is a great passion that has become a way of life.  In his spare time, he likes to travel to be able to check first-hand the new architectural objects that are being developed around the world.

In addition, he plays the guitar in a band playing the best of the 60s and 70s, and he is passionate about basketball.

Bellver Park First Project

The first Bellver Park building, like the second building, is a great challenge for Jaime Salvá, since they are located in an area very close to where he has lived all his life. A street that has crossed daily since childhood.

Son Armadams is a residential area of ​​great tradition in Palma where high-class families resided in a quiet environment, surrounded by trees with very well-proportioned urban plots and classy buildings which combine the local stone with white facades. A sober and balanced architectural style.

All of the immediate environment was very important to respect when designing the first of three Bellver Park buildings.

The location of the project and the shape of the plot allowed us to place the building in the area of the land closest to the street, with the aim that the common spaces consisting of a communal pool and gardens are located in the southern area of the plot avoiding shade created by the shadows of the building.  The impact of the 4-storey building on the street is reduced by playing with the volumes, achieving a full rhythm of light and shade.  These gaps also created terraces that help the homes to be oriented to both sides of the street, achieving views of the mountain and the city, giving us in turn cross ventilation which makes the building work better energetically, reducing electricity consumption.

The materials chosen, such as the dry stone from Santanyí, the “marés” stone or the wood are natural, neutral and local materials which combined with contemporary geometry create a contemporary Mediterranean style.

The exterior pavements are formed by limestone in “Balearic grey”.  It is  a very neutral material that helps to highlight the exterior furniture and that allows the exterior and interior spaces merge into one, as the same material is used on the interior of the apartments, increasing the feeling of spaciousness.

The interiors are avant-garde, with new neutral and local materials, choosing those that give us warmth and luminosity all at the same time.

Large windows provide natural light, and have been strategically placed to obtain the best views, while maintaining privacy and achieving the aforementioned cross ventilation.

All apartments have underfloor heating throughout and built-in air conditioning ducts with the aerothermal system, optimizing energy consumption to achieve maximum possible sustainability.

Elements of sun protection, such as covered terraces, pergolas or treated glass, reduce the energy consumption as well, while forming the architectural design.

The common areas are easily accessed from the building, separating slightly from the ground floor apartment both in its level and in the protection of a large planted area to achieve the necessary privacy.

2 Basement floors, one for parking lot and one for storage rooms and facilities, complete the building program.

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